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Is it Normal for Kids to Snore?

Kids, like adults, can be susceptible to various sleep health issues as they continue to develop. If you notice your child struggling to breathe while sleeping, snoring loudly, or tossing and turning without getting much rest, it might be time to visit your child’s sleep doctor right away. You can … Read more

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How Snoring Is More than Just Noise

Snoring is extremely common as more than 90 million people in the United States do it. It is estimated that 45% of adults snore occasionally, while 25% are habitual snorers. While the condition is more common among adults, people of any age can snore. While your partner may complain that … Read more

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Main Symptoms of Snoring

If you don’t snore, you probably know someone who does. Although snoring doesn’t necessarily mean you have a serious breathing condition, it is especially important for those who snore to keep an eye on their health. Some cases of snoring may be linked to sleep apnea or insomnia, which will … Read more

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Can Kids Have Snoring Problems?

Can kids have snoring problems? Yes, children can absolutely have sleeping problems related to snoring. In fact, research suggests that one in ten children snore on a regular basis with a much larger percentage snoring on occasion. As long as your child is only snoring occasionally it usually isn’t a … Read more

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Do Smokers Snore More?

Snoring is a common phenomenon. It is estimated that roughly 33% of men and 19% of women snore on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if you smoke or are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke you are more likely to experience snoring. So, do smokers snore more than non-smokers? Do Smokers Snore … Read more

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Does Snoring Make You Feel Tired?

Snoring is a common form of sleep disruption. For most people, snoring is a transient experience that doesn’t have a noticeable impact on their rest. However, there are exceptions. So, does snoring make you feel tired? Does Snoring Make You Feel Tired? If you snore loudly on a nightly basis, … Read more

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Can Snoring Go Away On Its Own?

Everyone knows what snoring sounds like. Even if you don’t snore yourself, you may sleep next to someone who does. While you have probably exercised a lot of patience with your loved ones as they sleep loudly, you can’t help but wonder: Can snoring go away on its own? In … Read more

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Does Snoring Shorten Your Life?

There are two types of people: those who sleep quietly, and those who snore. While snoring does not inherently imply that you may be suffering from a severe breathing condition, it’s important that snoring sufferers stay on top of their health a bit more frequently. In some cases, snoring can … Read more

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Do I Snore Because I Am Overweight?

Snoring is more prevalent than you may think. About half of all adults snore on occasion, and about a quarter snore regularly. It can be caused by a wide variety of lifestyle choices and physiological factors. Alcohol use, congestion, and loose tissues in the throat can all result in snoring, … Read more

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