The image depicts a snoring man sleeping with apnea and sleepless woman lying awake in bed next to him. the image represents how snoring affects your relationships.

What to Do When Snoring Affects Your Relationships

Snoring is most often thought of as a personal problem. Unfortunately, there are times when the issue transcends the snorer and becomes an issue for the people around them as well. When snoring begins to impact your loved ones, you may need to seek out professional aid to rectify the … Read more

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Is Snoring a Sign of Something Serious?

Almost everyone is familiar with snoring, whether they do it themselves or know someone who keeps them up with it. Most of the time, snoring is simply considered an annoyance, but sometimes, it can be indicative of more serious medical issues at play. Is snoring a sign of something serious? … Read more

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Why Does Snoring Get Worse with Age?

Almost everyone knows someone who snores, in fact, many of the readers of this article may snore themselves (and some might not even be aware of it). Snoring is an incredibly common issue, but some may have noticed that it tends to become worse as one ages. Why does snoring … Read more

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Is it Normal to Snore Loudly Every Night?

Is it normal to snore loudly every night? Turn on any movie or television show from the last several decades, and you will find a scene of someone snoring while they sleep. The sight (and sound) of a snoring sleeper has become a common sight, so much so that people … Read more

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What Causes Snoring During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy comes with a number of new and unique experiences. One of the more common things pregnant women experience is snoring. Pregnancy brings about various physiological changes that can cause snoring. Snoring during pregnancy can be problematic as it can impact sleep quality. You may wonder, what causes snoring during … Read more

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Is it Normal for Kids to Snore?

Kids, like adults, can be susceptible to various sleep health issues as they continue to develop. If you notice your child struggling to breathe while sleeping, snoring loudly, or tossing and turning without getting much rest, it might be time to visit your child’s sleep doctor right away. You can … Read more

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How Snoring Is More than Just Noise

Snoring is extremely common as more than 90 million people in the United States do it. It is estimated that 45% of adults snore occasionally, while 25% are habitual snorers. While the condition is more common among adults, people of any age can snore. While your partner may complain that … Read more

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Main Symptoms of Snoring

If you don’t snore, you probably know someone who does. Although snoring doesn’t necessarily mean you have a serious breathing condition, it is especially important for those who snore to keep an eye on their health. Some cases of snoring may be linked to sleep apnea or insomnia, which will … Read more

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Can Kids Have Snoring Problems?

Can kids have snoring problems? Yes, children can absolutely have sleeping problems related to snoring. In fact, research suggests that one in ten children snore on a regular basis with a much larger percentage snoring on occasion. As long as your child is only snoring occasionally it usually isn’t a … Read more

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