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Living with sleep apnea can put tremendous strain on both you and your partner. Fortunately, modern medicine has developed several ways to alleviate sleep apnea symptoms. For mild cases, you may be able to resolve the issue with minor lifestyle changes. However, for more severe sleep apnea, you may want to consider a treatment plan that involves CPAP.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy uses air pressure to keep airways open for better breathing at night. CPAP is a traditional treatment for sleep apnea that has become common due to its reliability. When used correctly, CPAP can alleviate sleep apnea symptoms, especially snoring.


This therapy involves a device called a CPAP machine. The CPAP machines that we offer through Sleep MD NYC are small, automatic portable devices that provide constant air pressure through a face mask. CPAP is a proven and effective method that improves sleep apnea.

CPAP keeps the airways open by using continuous positive airway pressure helping the patient’s breathing while sleeping. With this pressure being just slightly greater than the surrounding air, it will keep open your airways. The result is continuous, even breathing throughout your entire night’s rest.

What Is The Process For CPAP Therapy?

We suggest our patients come in for a consultation to assess their needs for their specific symptoms. Some patients may benefit from other paths of treatment. It that is the case, we will provide complete recommendations.

If found that CPAP therapy would be right for the patient, our sleep specialist will inform and help the patient with our easy to use CPAP machine. Our goal is for every patient to feel in control of their symptoms, and that starts with fully understanding how their treatment works.

Tips To Maximize Effectiveness

The treatment should be used consistently to benefit the patient’s sleep apnea. We will provide detailed instructions on when and how to use the machine. After using the machine for a substantial amount of time, our sleep specialist will assess the patient’s response to the CPAP machine.

Some patients may feel uncomfortable with the mask or straps at first. Instead of giving up on the treatment, you can change out the mask that you use. Comfort is a large part of the treatment, so it is essential to use a mask that perfectly fits your face.

What Does Our CPAP Machine Do?

In the past, some patients avoided CPAP machines because of their size and inconvenience. Now, we offer our patients the most advanced, compact automatic CPAP machine to target sleep apnea.

As you rest, the machine responds and adjusts to breathing during your sleep. It combats sleep disorder symptoms throughout the night with this specialized auto-adjusting system, a unique new feature. It is lightweight, quiet, and travel-friendly.

In order to achieve best results, it is essential that use of the machine should be consistent. That means it should be used at home, while traveling, and even during short naps to see improvement in sleeping habits.

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You May Need CPAP Therapy If You
  • Deal with habitual snoring
  • Have difficulty breathing during sleep
  • Suffer from daytime sleepiness
  • Often disrupt your partner’s sleep with poor breathing habits
  • Have sleep apnea
  • Want to avoid surgery
  • Suffer from morning headaches
  • Want to try a new road to helping your sleep disorder
Benefits Of The CPAP Z1 Auto

The CPAP Z1 Auto is a state-of-the-art machine for treating breathing irregularities at night. Its responsive programming allows it to adjust to your breathing as the night goes on. Below are some of the benefits that make this machine the top of its kind.

  • Immediate use of CPAP therapy results in fast changes in patient’s nighttime
  • It has proven efficacy in treating sleep disorder problems, according to studies
  • Use any mask of your choice
  • Better quality sleep
  • Less snoring
  • Regularized mood and behavior
  • Fewer health problems
  • More energy during the day
  • With continued use, you will see significant positive changes in your sleep patterns
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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, it is time to take control of your symptoms. By scheduling a consultation with Sleep MD NYC, you are taking the first step in addressing your sleep apnea. We believe each patient deserves the chance to rest through each night, and a CPAP machine can make that a reality for many.

Call us today at (917)935-4864, and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Dr. Shukla is a sleep expert with years of experience helping patients find the full sleep they deserve. He has treated countless cases of sleep apnea, allowing patients to take back their nights and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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