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New York City’s Premier Adult and
Pediatric Sleep Doctor
Dr. Mayank Shukla is a pulmonologist and sleep doctor that has been based in New York City for over 15 years. Dr. Shukla treats both adults and children. He did his fellowships in pediatric pulmonology, critical care and sleep medicine at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Shukla is a mentor and role model pulmonologist and sleep doctor that is often sought after for his expertise and unique practice. He is often the top selected lecturer for medical residents, nurses and other healthcare professionals on pediatric care in his specialty.
What is a sleep doctor?
Dr. Mayank Shukla studied to be a sleep doctor and pulmonologist during his residency in New York. Due to his superb practice, he has expanded his office from New York City into Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Dr. Shukla is board certified in sleep medicine. He treats patients with sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and parasomnia. He is a highly sought after sleep doctor, especially concerning his treatment of sleep disorders. Dr. Shukla and his team uses the latest technology and treatments to cater to all of his patients needs.
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Dr. Mayank Shukla

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Dr. Shukla and his team of specialist treat multiple sleep disorder cases daily throughout all of his offices. His experience in treating sleep disorders and expertise in pulmonology gives him an edge against all other doctors. Treatment is specialized for each patient through Dr. Mayank Shukla’s vast knowledge and experience. Dr. Shukla is one of the most sought after sleep doctors in New York. He continues to thrive in some of the most populated areas in New York. Contact us today to see how Dr. Mayank Shukla can help treat your sleep disorder.
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