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With your help, we can liberate sleep apnea sufferers everywhere.

In treating your sleep disorder, Dr. Shukla and his team of specialists meet with each patient to diagnose your sleep disorder through a consultation. The consultation is aimed to identify each patient’s sleep disorder and the steps to take for treatment. Our staff in each office is highly knowledgeable on all sleep disorders.

The consultation will include a short physical exam, medical history evaluation and addressing any concerns or questions patients may have. The doctor will assess all information given then proceed to develop a plan of action to treat the patient. It is advised that you write down all of your symptoms to present to the specialist.

After this consultation, it may be recommended by our specialists to do a sleep test to fully understand and view the symptoms of the sleep disorder at work. The consultation is a time in which patients have the chance to ask specialists questions concerning treatment options, their sleep disorder, sleep studies and any other aspect of the process.

Sleep Test

If a sleep test is suggested by Dr. Shukla, the patient and the doctor will discuss whether to do the study in the office or at home. Dr. Shukla will tailor the sleep test to each patient. All sleep studies are done to help Dr. Shukla and our team of specialists fully understand your sleep disorder.

Avoid naps during the day before the sleep test.

No caffeine after lunch time.

Take medications as usual, if needed, unless further discussed.

Sleep study is an overnight stay at our sleep research lab done to diagnose your sleep disorder with a sleep specialist. The sleep specialist will monitor your sleep conditions. We will monitor your sleep stages and cycles to help diagnose your sleep disorder. We will also measure your breathing rates, eye movements, oxygen levels, snoring and body movements. The sleep specialist will attach wires to you to help diagnose your sleep patterns. We ensure that you are comfortable to get the most organic results to determine our course of action concerning your sleep disorder.

Quick In-Lab Sleep Study Facts

  •  The study is non-invasive.
  •  The room is comfortable and dark.
  •  You will have wires placed on your head and body to measure your sleep.
  •  You can bring personal items into the sleep study.
  •  You can sleep in your own pajamas.
  •  You are allowed to use the bathroom, all you need is the sleep technician’s help to easily remove the wires.
  •  You will have plenty of room to sleep and get comfortable.
  •  You will be monitored all night to fully diagnose your sleep disorder.
  •  The study will not hinder your regular bedtime.
  • You get to enjoy your own home and bed with ease of mind as your sleep is monitored.
  •  At home sleep studies are usually done to diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea as well as other sleep disorders.
  •  You will be educated when you pick up your at home sleep test unit on how to operate and use it.
  •  The information will be recorded throughout the night.
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After each test, regardless of form, you will have a follow-up consultation to review your results with the doctor. The doctor will then tell you your best route to treating your sleep disorder. We provide all patients with details about their observed symptoms to fully educate the patient on their sleep disorder. The follow-up will include your complications, treatment options and the causes of your sleep disorder explained. Your health is key here, please let us help you normalize your sleep. Contact us today to get your consultation booked.

Devices and Solutions
Devices offered to treat sleep disorders

Dr. Shukla and his team in each office offer an array of different devices to target your sleep disorder. We are here to provide our patients with the latest technology to treat their sleep disorders.

  • Mandibular Advancement Device: a singular, dental device that is molded to patient’s teeth to help combat sleep apnea.
  • EPAP: Expiratory positive airway pressure is meant to stabilize the upper airway to reduce snoring. Pressure is created through a device to help clear your airway for a good night’s sleep.
  • Provent: This device helps clear the nasal way to reduce snoring.
  • Winx: A device that negates the use of a sleep mask and uses oral pressure therapy to treat sleep apnea.
  • Pediatric Sleep Solutions: A dental device that is inserted every night into the child’s mouth to help regulate their sleep.
Solutions offered to treat sleep disorders

Dr. Shukla and his team also offers alternative solutions to help treat sleep disorders unlike other sleep doctors. At our offices we do not limit ourselves and our patients to just some forms of treatment. We offer our patients solutions that do not require appliances or machines.

  • Myofascial Function Exercise: We promote this exercise to regulate breathing habits, promote a good quality sleep and create a release for stressed patients.
  • Breathing Exercise: We suggest breathing exercises to help patients have greater control over their breathing which in turn can help promote better sleep habits.
  • Nutritional Management: A healthy lifestyle, brought to you by our team of specialists, will play a great factor in keeping sleep disorders at bay.
  • Weight Loss Program: Weight loss is another way to decrease sleep disorder symptoms.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: We offer this therapy to help change sleeping habits and beliefs for patients.
  • Sleep Hygiene: We offer different practices, tips and habits to ensure the best sleep for our patients.
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