concept image for sleeping and sleep apnea

Does Sleep Apnea Go Away On Its Own?

Sleep apnea is a well-known medical condition indicated by short periods of respiratory blockage during sleep. If you or your partner skip breaths, snore, or struggle to breathe at night, it is possible that the symptoms of sleep apnea could be at play. Scheduling an appointment with your sleep doctor … Read more

concept image of man as smokers who snore more

Do Smokers Snore More?

Snoring is a common phenomenon. It is estimated that roughly 33% of men and 19% of women snore on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if you smoke or are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke you are more likely to experience snoring. So, do smokers snore more than non-smokers? Do Smokers Snore … Read more

kid starting to sleep in their own bed

When Should Kids Start Sleeping in a Bed?

It is an important decision for both you and your child to make the transition to their own bed. It is a significant milestone in their development. But when is the exact right moment to say goodbye? It is a significant milestone that can be bittersweet, but it is exciting … Read more

Concept image for woman having sleep paralysis

Myths About Sleep Paralysis

One of the worst feelings is being awake in bed but unable to move your body or even make a sound. This could happen when you fall asleep or wake up. It might feel like someone is pressing down on you or pressure on your chest. This condition is called … Read more

Worker sleeping showing how work can affect your sleep

How Work Can Affect Your Sleep

It is important to get enough sleep every night. But it’s not about how many hours you sleep each night. Quality of sleep is just as important. You can have bad habits or work hours that affect your sleep. Our sleep specialist in New York City finds it important for … Read more

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Does Snoring Make You Feel Tired?

Snoring is a common form of sleep disruption. For most people, snoring is a transient experience that doesn’t have a noticeable impact on their rest. However, there are exceptions. So, does snoring make you feel tired? Does Snoring Make You Feel Tired? If you snore loudly on a nightly basis, … Read more

woman with stress finding it hard to sleep

Why Does Stress Make it Hard to Sleep?

Human biology is a part of stress. It allows us to quickly react and act in dangerous or challenging situations. Too much stress can lead to sleep disruptions and poor health. But why does stress make it hard to sleep, exactly? Why Does Stress Make it Hard to Sleep? Sleep … Read more

Man suffering from narcolepsy

Common Myths About Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that affects 1 out of every 2,000 Americans. Although it is possible for narcolepsy type 1 to cause sudden falls, it is estimated that only 10% of people with narcolepsy have these episodes. Let’s look at some common myths about narcolepsy. Common Myths About Narcolepsy … Read more

Woman suffering from sleep deprivation at her desk

6 Signs You Are Suffering From Sleep Deprivation

The average adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. But there are a lot of environmental factors that can determine each individual’s required sleep schedule. Even if you don’t think you are suffering from a lack of sleep, your body might be trying to tell you … Read more

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