concept image of kids with snoring problems

Can Kids Have Snoring Problems?

Can kids have snoring problems? Yes, children can absolutely have sleeping problems related to snoring. In fact, research suggests that one in ten children snore on a regular basis with a much larger percentage snoring on occasion. As long as your child is only snoring occasionally it usually isn’t a … Read more

concept image of insomnia in older adults

Insomnia in Older Adults

Insomnia is a prevalent condition worldwide, affecting people of all ages. But while a lot of research gives information about insomnia in children and adults, there doesn’t always seem to be as much discussion over the effects of insomnia in older adults. If you deal with daytime drowsiness and constant … Read more

concept of importance of restful sleep for kids

Importance of Restful Sleep for Kids

No matter how old or young you are, every human being needs a good night of sleep. It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep when you have a busy schedule. What about your children? Is it possible for your children to get more or less sleep and … Read more

concept image of kids who have sleep apnea

Can Kids Have Sleep Apnea?

Just like adults, kids can suffer from different health troubles while trying to sleep. If you have ever noticed your child struggling to breathe while asleep at night, it is possible they are dealing with a case of sleep apnea. This condition is often paired with several other symptoms and … Read more

concept image of man suffering effects of sleep deprivation

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body

Did you know that the average adult requires between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night? Are you getting that much sleep? If not, it could be for several different reasons. Many factors influence the amount of sleep each person needs. Your body may be telling you the opposite, … Read more

Concept image of restless leg syndrome

Does Restless Leg Syndrome Hurt?

Restless leg syndrome, also known as RLS, does not normally cause outright pain. With that said, you may experience some aches and leg cramps as a result of the condition as well as the generally unpleasant sensations that are core to RLS. So, does restless leg syndrome hurt? What Is … Read more

concept image for sleeping and sleep apnea

Does Sleep Apnea Go Away On Its Own?

Sleep apnea is a well-known medical condition indicated by short periods of respiratory blockage during sleep. If you or your partner skip breaths, snore, or struggle to breathe at night, it is possible that the symptoms of sleep apnea could be at play. Scheduling an appointment with your sleep doctor … Read more

concept image of man as smokers who snore more

Do Smokers Snore More?

Snoring is a common phenomenon. It is estimated that roughly 33% of men and 19% of women snore on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if you smoke or are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke you are more likely to experience snoring. So, do smokers snore more than non-smokers? Do Smokers Snore … Read more

kid starting to sleep in their own bed

When Should Kids Start Sleeping in a Bed?

It is an important decision for both you and your child to make the transition to their own bed. It is a significant milestone in their development. But when is the exact right moment to say goodbye? It is a significant milestone that can be bittersweet, but it is exciting … Read more

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