Woman worrying that her husband snoring may shorten her life.

Does Snoring Shorten Your Life?

There are two types of people: those who sleep quietly, and those who snore. While snoring does not inherently imply that you may be suffering from a severe breathing condition, it’s important that snoring sufferers stay on top of their health a bit more frequently. In some cases, snoring can … Read more

Man lying in bed with hormones that interfere with sleep.

Can Hormones Interfere with Sleep?

Getting enough quality sleep can be difficult. Between everyday stressors, increased screen time, and the demands of professional and family life many people struggle to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Do you regularly get less than eight hours of sleep or experience frequent insomnia? You’re probably all too … Read more

Concept image representing woman who starts a dream while napping.

Can You Dream While Napping?

Taking a quick nap might seem like the perfect way to recharge a bit of energy in the middle of an exhausting day. But depending on the time of day and the length of time you spend napping, your body could be faced with different results. This is because there … Read more

Woman using phone at night now knowing how it affects sleep

How Your Phone Affects Sleep

Your bedtime routine is something that you probably don’t think a lot about, but it can have a profound impact on the way you go about your waking day. If you are like most American adults, you probably like to wind down before bed with some kind of relaxing activity. … Read more

Man wondering if he snores because he is overweight.

Do I Snore Because I Am Overweight?

Snoring is more prevalent than you may think. About half of all adults snore on occasion, and about a quarter snore regularly. It can be caused by a wide variety of lifestyle choices and physiological factors. Alcohol use, congestion, and loose tissues in the throat can all result in snoring, … Read more

man experiencing sleep paralysis or false awakening.

Sleep Paralysis vs. False Awakening

Have you ever woken up in your dream? Do you feel awake but unable to move, completely stuck to your bed? Sleep paralysis and false awakenings are both common sleeping problems that you may experience from time to time. This is one of the scariest things that can happen while … Read more

Flyer lying down and trying to adjust for jet lag.

How to Adjust for Jet Lag

Have you ever been on a flight that lasted several hours? When you travel between time zones at a rapid pace, your body needs a lot of time to adjust. The biggest effect that flying can have on your body is jet lag. This will make you feel tired, exhausted, … Read more

Man with sleep apnea.

When Was Sleep Apnea Discovered?

Sleep apnea affects more people than you may think. Currently, scientists estimate that about 25% of adult men, 10% of adult women, and 1 to 10% of children have some form of sleep apnea. To date, this discovery is considered to be one of the most important in the history … Read more

Man lying in bed with insomnia.

Can Insomnia Be in Your Genes

Can insomnia be in your genes? According to your local NYC sleep doctor, it can! Scientists have been studying the subject for decades. Now, many believe that someone affected by insomnia will extend that to their family. The heritability of insomnia can differ from person to person when determining how … Read more

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