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Getting Your Child to Sleep on Christmas Eve

There’s nothing better than the night before Christmas as a young child! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the big night they’ve been waiting for this holiday season. Whether you have traditions that begin on Christmas Eve or if Christmas Day is the main event, getting your … Read more

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Is It Possible to Get Too Much Sleep?

The advice you usually get is to make sure to get enough sleep. We have all heard that our faculties can be impaired if we don’t. But have you ever wondered what would happened if you got too much sleep, and if that is even possible? It seems no matter … Read more

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Lack of Sleep and Alzheimer’s Connected?

With sleep being such an important part of our body’s natural process for repairing and restoring the cells and organs in our body, it is no surprise that sleep deprivation and consistent lack of sleep can certainly begin to take a toll on the body’s overall health. In particular, sleep … Read more

What are Tonsils?

An important part of the lymphatic system, which helps to fight infections, the tonsils are a pair of soft tissue masses located at the rear of the throat or the pharynx. Each separate tonsil is composed of tissue similar to lymph nodes and are covered by pink mucosa similar to … Read more

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