Getting Your Child to Sleep on Christmas Eve

There’s nothing better than the night before Christmas as a young child! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the big night they’ve been waiting for this holiday season. Whether you have traditions that begin on Christmas Eve or if Christmas Day is the main event, getting your child to sleep may be a struggle. The excitement brings endorphins that may be difficult to settle once bedtime comes around. Below you will find some helpful tips on how to get your child to sleep on Christmas Eve so you can have a fun-filled Christmas Day!

Wear Them Out

If you don’t have any traditions planned for the day, get your kids moving! Try and finish all of your Christmas prep a few days before Christmas so you can focus on doing physical activities with your kids most of the day. Start a flag football tradition with your family, take a bike ride, or even hit the slopes! Do whatever you need to do to get your kids tired so they can rest easy the night before Christmas.

Movie Night

Build up the excitement of a movie night on Christmas Eve. Get some popcorn, festive jammies, and watch your family’s favorite Christmas movie. When you are building up the big night let your kids know the plan for that night. Try something like setting out cookies for Santa, watching the movie, and then straight to bed so Santa can come down the chimney! Preparing your kids for the plan of the night can help them understand that when you say its bedtime, they need to get to bed.

Sugar and Caffeine

Depending on what you usually feed your little ones, try and avoid sugar and coffee after 2:00 p.m. Any sugary treats or caffeinated drinks can keep them wired for hours. Cut them off early so you can get your child to sleep mode faster.

Stick to the Plan

If you have a normal routine that you have for your kids each night, stick to it! Kids love structure and consistency so try and stick to the regular plan as much as possible. Remember not to take the fun out of the big night though!


If your kids are totally wired from the sugar cookies and candy canes, draw a warm bath for them. Dim the lights, add some lavender essential oils to the tub and put on some soft Christmas music. If you can get their body to wind down, their minds will surely follow.

Start Early

Get your nightly routine started at least an hour earlier than usual. Your kids may be distracted with all of the festivities so start early to account for any possible diversions your kids have in store. Enjoy the night, but get them down early. You’ll be happy in case they end up waking up earlier than usual due to their excitement.

Keep Quiet

While you may have put off putting together that dollhouse or playset throughout early December, don’t wait until Christmas Eve after your kids go to bed to put it together. If you are up after your child goes to bed, they will inevitably continue to check in on you and stay awake. Be sure and leave just a few short tasks to finish on Christmas Eve after your kids go to bed so they can stay fast asleep.

If none of these tips work, do your best to get your child ready for bed and at least resting in their room. If you notice your child struggles with falling or staying asleep, think about contacting a sleep doctor for some support.

Sleep Specialist in New York City

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