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Can Children Use a CPAP Machine?

A CPAP Machine is a useful tool that can assist patients who are struggling with sleep apnea. CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure” and is designed to keep a person’s breathing tubes open while they sleep. They are one of the most popular gadgets for assisting those suffering from … Read more

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How Did We Develop Circadian Rhythms?

The term circadian rhythms refers to the natural rhythms the body conforms to when it has accessed the deeper layers of REM sleep. It’s a natural part of our body’s response to the natural cycles of night and day. But how did we develop circadian rhythms? However, these rhythms are … Read more

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Links Between Sleep and Job Performance

Sleep is an essential function of everyday life, and the lack of good sleep has the potential to impact one in countless ways. One of the ways in which this occurs is in the workplace, where poor sleep can wreak havoc on one’s performance. Below, we look at the links … Read more

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Why Does Snoring Get Worse with Age?

Almost everyone knows someone who snores, in fact, many of the readers of this article may snore themselves (and some might not even be aware of it). Snoring is an incredibly common issue, but some may have noticed that it tends to become worse as one ages. Why does snoring … Read more

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Coping with Sleep Paralysis in Children

Sleep paralysis is a very unpleasant set of experiences that has the potential to affect people of all ages. Although most people associate this set of issues with teenagers and adults, it’s also quite possible for children to be affected. When this happens, it’s good to have trusted adults who … Read more

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Are Allergies and Sleep Apnea Connected?

Sleep apnea is a prevalent sleep disorder that impacts more than just your sleep. The condition can disrupt your sleep and reduce the quality and quantity of it. In addition to the impact it can have on your sleep, it can also reduce your quality of life during the day. … Read more

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Top Risk Factors for Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep apnea is an obstructive disease that has the potential to interfere heavily with a patient’s sleep and health over time. For this reason, the condition should be avoided or treated as thoroughly as possible so as to avoid long-term health consequences. Below, we cover the top risk factors for … Read more

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Risk Factors for Insomnia in Children

Sleep is a critical part of children’s health. It is more than just a restorative phase for growing children. Sleep is the fuel that powers and ensures their physical, mental, and emotional growth and well-being. Working on a healthy sleep routine with your child is important. This may look different … Read more

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Why Sleep Paralysis Makes You See Ghosts

Sleep paralysis is a very unpleasant sensation that occurs when an individual becomes aware of themselves during the sleeping state. Despite this awareness, someone with sleep paralysis is unable to move their body. Below, we look at why sleep paralysis makes you see ghosts. This condition is incredibly common and … Read more

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