Warm feet in socks under covers, sleeping with the heat on

Is Sleeping with the Heat on Bad for You?

During these long winter nights, it is all too tempting to sleep with the heat on. Who doesn’t want to be cozy when it’s cold outside? However, recent studies show that your decision to sleep with the heat on might not be in your best interest. In fact, it could … Read more

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The Hidden Costs of a Lack of Sleep

The boundaries between work and home continue to blur. One result is the lack of sleep. Writing meeting plans at midnight and checking emails at 7 am can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. Light from electronics close to bedtime can disturb the circadian rhythm. Then there’s the constant stimulation, … Read more

woman on gym treadmill

Working Out Before Bed: Healthy or a Nightmare?

There’s nothing like getting a good workout to expend the rest of the day’s energy before a night of restful sleep. It can help to tire you out, making you feel like you’re completely ready for rest. Many adults like to engage in exercise before going to sleep. But…is this … Read more

insomniatic man laying on grey pillow

Is Stress Keeping You Up at Night?

Do you spend your nights lying awake and unable to get a night of restful sleep? You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of Americans are not getting enough regular sleep. It is also estimated at 35% of US adults are … Read more

depressed woman

What are the Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep is a necessity to healthy living. It’s a time when your conscious control shuts down and allows your body to heal and perform self-maintenance. There are a great deal of things that a lack of sleep can affect mentally, but there is also a host of things it can … Read more

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