Working Out Before Bed: Healthy or a Nightmare?

There’s nothing like getting a good workout to expend the rest of the day’s energy before a night of restful sleep. It can help to tire you out, making you feel like you’re completely ready for rest. Many adults like to engage in exercise before going to sleep. But…is this the healthiest thing to do? Your sleep doctor, Dr. Shukla, cares about the very best for your respiratory health.

You may have heard that working out before you go to sleep is the best way to treat your body. We want you to know the truth.

How Exercise Works

To determine whether working out before bed is good for you, you should consider how exercise affects the body. For instance, did you know that getting as little as 10 minutes of exercise before bed can prevent certain sleep disorders from occurring? suggests working out as often as possible before bed to get the blood flowing and body moving. Research shows that people who do this are less likely to get restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, or even sleep paralysis during the night.

The most important reason it’s good to exercise before bed is the sleep-wake cycle. This is the cycle that allows you to feel awake in the morning and tired in the evening. There are many factors in our lives that can disrupt this cycle. Many adults can relate to the feeling of being too stressed and tired during the day without being able to sleep at night.

Exercise may be the cure to fixing the sleep-wake cycle once and for all.

Give It A Few Hours

Research also shows that getting exercise a few hours before bed is key to resetting your sleep-wake cycle. Depending on the type of exercising you plan on doing, you may or may not feel rested enough by the time you go to sleep. The National Sleep Foundation strongly suggests against full-body workouts too close to bedtime.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out at all. On the contrary, getting some exercise a few hours before bed – especially if you can exercise outdoors in the sun – is perfect for expending your energy and creating enough tiredness so that you can rest when you’re meant to.

The Science of Sleeping

For most people, the act of falling asleep is one that greatly lowers your blood pressure. It also slows down your breathing, putting your body in a form of stasis. Your body consumes less energy, allowing all parts of you to get some rest. This is why exercising beforehand can help to calm these parts of the body so you aren’t prone to insomnia.

People with sleep apnea may not experience that drop in blood pressure overnight as others do. In this case, early morning workouts are better. Hone your exercise skills and decide what type of exercise you want to invest in before committing them to your schedule. For example, strength training is a great way to make sure you feel rested before bed, no matter what type of day you work out.

Sleep Doctor in NYC

Our verdict is that a good amount of exercise can be healthy when done a few hours before bed. It should tire your muscles and help you ease into a slower breathing rate afterward. But if you have any questions or health concerns, or you wish to consult with a sleep doctor before working out, please let us know. We are here to help. You can contact us online or give us a call at (212) 661-7077.

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