Is Stress Keeping You Up at Night?

Do you spend your nights lying awake and unable to get a night of restful sleep? You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of Americans are not getting enough regular sleep. It is also estimated at 35% of US adults are not getting 7 hours of sleep each night. 7 hours is the recommended minimum amount. If either of these statistics applies to you, it may be time to look at your stress levels and anxiety. For more information on sleep disorder symptoms and receiving a sleep study in NYC, contact the team at Sleep MD today.

Importance of Sleep

Both the length and depth of sleep that you get on a regular basis are crucial. While many assume sleep is important because of its role in our alertness, it goes deeper than that. One reason that proper sleep is necessary is because of its impact on our memory. In fact, some experts even go as far as saying that without sleep, memory simply doesn’t happen. This is because studies have shown that sleep allows the brain to consolidate information and move memories from short to long-term memory. Researchers have also found that there are other consequences to poor sleep habits, including nervous and immune system issues. Therefore, proper, restful sleep is an important part of your overall health and should be made a priority.

Detriments of Anxiety and Lack of Sleep

Many view their anxiety and lack of sleep as mutually exclusive. However, it is important to note that there is a correlation between the two. When researchers studied the brain activity of those with sleep deprivation, they discovered that their brain activity mirrored those with anxiety disorders. Experts believe this is because a lack of sleep heightens the area of the brain that is responsible for the “flight or fight” stimulus. This flight or fight stimulus is often what triggers anxiety even where there is no immediate danger. They also hypothesized that this could be the reason that those with anxiety feel it first thing in the morning.

Anxiety and lack of sleep are also detrimental because it can become a vicious cycle for those who suffer from it. Their anxiety can cause them to stay awake at night, while their lack of sleep furthers their anxiety the next day. Since this vicious cycle can be hard to break, it is important to consider sleep therapy to get back on the right track. To learn more about undergoing a sleep study in NYC, reach out to Dr. Shukla at your earliest convenience.


Fortunately, for those who suffer from sleep disorders and increased anxiety from lack of sleep, there are solutions available. As mentioned previously, one of the solutions available is sleep therapy. There are also a variety of solutions based on any underlying factors that may be obstructing your sleep (ex: sleep apnea). Diagnosing the underlying issue or trigger will ensure that the proper treatment is implemented. This will get you back to a healthy sleeping schedule as soon as possible. To speak with the professionals about sleep disorder symptoms and possible solutions, contact our team at Sleep MD today.

Proper sleep is crucial to your overall health, can help your memory retention, and can strengthen your immune system. If you think that your sleeping patterns and anxiety are correlated, then it may be time for a sleep study in NYC. Sleep MD offers a variety of sleep solutions that treat the underlying issues and implement effective habits for you.

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