The New Frontier of Sleep Apnea Detection

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder affecting millions of Americans by obstructing the airways during sleep. When someone has sleep apnea, their breathing frequently starts and stops or becomes shallow while they are asleep. Despite how common and potentially problematic this sleep disorder is, many people do not know that they are suffering from it. Though the side effects are sometimes serious and obvious, some of them are not, and many of them occur while asleep.

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What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

The common symptoms of sleep apnea are vast, but most of them involve the general lack of good sleep the person is getting. The most common symptoms, listed below, typically involve a lowered quality of sleep. From irritability to snoring to general exhaustion, people who suffer from sleep apnea, particularly those who haven’t been diagnosed, can see a major impact on their day-to-day life if this condition is left untreated. If you suffer from one of the following symptoms consistently, consult Dr. Shukla for sleep apnea treatment in New York:

● General exhaustion
● Snoring
● Episodes of breathing cessation
● Abrupt awakenings
● Shortness of breath
● Morning headaches
● Waking up with a sore throat
● Waking up with dry mouth
● Insomnia
● Hypersomnia
● Irritability (as a result of sleepless nights)
● Attention issues

Unless someone is near you while you are asleep, or you enter a sleep study with a doctor, you might never realize you have sleep apnea, as many of these symptoms require someone else witnessing them in action. So, is there a solution for those who exhibit symptoms of sleep apnea but are not sure how to detect it themselves?

Fitbit, a digital health company on the frontier of activity tracking and health monitoring, is making a move to bring its health monitoring software to a new market by focusing on an area of health that has yet to be tackled by activity tracking: sleep apnea. The activity tracking company is approaching the sleep apnea world by working with a recipe of optical sensors and machine learning software elements to figure out how best to track and detect this widespread sleep disorder.

“There’s a vast number of people who go undiagnosed with this condition. We think we can actually start to surface these issues for people over time, which can have a profound impact on people’s health,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit. And, he’s right. Early detection, or detection at all, of unknown or unsuspected sleep apnea could be a major game changer for potentially millions of Americans.

The company recently launched its Ionic smartwatch which includes a new, groundbreaking optical sensor that might be the inaugural step towards collecting the necessary data to detect sleep apnea in the wearer. If Fitbit can accurately detect this sleep disorder affecting millions of Americans, it will be a huge step in both the functionalities and abilities of activity trackers.

Although fitness tracking companies using their technology to advance the knowledge, awareness and detection of conditions like sleep apnea is a step forward, detection is just the first step.

Whether you have detected that you have sleep apnea or suspect you might be suffering from this condition, seeking treatment is very important. Sleep apnea is potentially very serious, and it is important to address this issue immediately. Keep in mind, a consultation with a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders is still the best and most accurate way to get diagnosed.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in New York

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