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Importance of a Sleep Schedule

Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep! With the stress and bustle of our daily lives, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a proper sleep schedule. But that is no excuse for brushing off sleep and disrupting a steady cycle of rest. At Sleep MD, the most … Read more

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The Best Bedroom Setup for a Good Night’s Sleep

One can never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. In fact, it’s one of the most essential and impactful things we can do for our body. At Sleep MD, we know all too well the effects of poor sleep on someone’s physical, mental, and physiological health. That’s why … Read more

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What Causes People to be a Morning Person or Night Owl?

Do you tend to be more acclimated to the evening or morning hours? Studies show there could be several factors that would cause each of us to prefer different times of the day depending on our daily activities, and even our body chemistry! While your friends can be more prone … Read more

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Best Habits to Get into Before Bed

In the United States, 35.3% adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. While this may not sound like a huge deal to many, subsisting on less than 7 hours of sleep has serious repercussions on health, safety, and productivity. If sleep is so important, why don’t we get … Read more

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Planning a Healthy Sleep Schedule for the New Year

Every year, we get excited about starting fresh. Resolutions on eating healthier, losing weight, being more productive and quitting bad habits – these have all made it to our list of things to do. As we fill our schedules with activities and commitments, sleep takes a backseat. Subsisting on a … Read more

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Change Your Sleep Habits the Right Way

Sleep plays an important part of your life. While sometimes associated with being lazy or unproductive, it is important that each and every single person is getting enough sleep each day. Sleep serves as the body’s natural process for resting, healing, and repairing cells. While most people can think that … Read more

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