Can menopause cause sleep problems?

Despite being a natural phase in a woman’s life, menopause can come with unwanted symptoms. The phase marks the end of the menstrual cycle and can dramatically impact a woman’s daily life. Symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, and hormonal fluctuations. You may wonder, can menopause cause sleep problems? Below, … Read more

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

Kids need a lot of sleep. Their brains and bodies are growing so much each and every day. It makes sense that they would need the rest. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard and fast rule to tell you how much your child should be sleeping. The amount will vary depending … Read more

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How Sleep Affects Your Heart Health

Everyone knows the importance of a good night’s sleep. But many people don’t realize just how important it is. Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you tired – it is debilitating for the entire body. Your sleep doctor in NYC wants you to understand how sleep affects your heart health … Read more

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Why You Sleep Worse on Vacation

After a full day of traveling by road, rail, or air all you want to do is enjoy a blissful night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. Depending on how long your day has been, you may pass out the second your head hits the pillow. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re … Read more

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