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Do Genetics Affect Sleep?

Sleep is necessary and vital for so many daily functions. But do genetics affect sleep? Quality sleep can help you with feeling more alert during the day, your energy levels, and just feeling rested and ready for the day. However, poor quality sleep or insomnia can cause issues with mental … Read more

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Is My Medication Causing Insomnia?

There are few things more frustrating than lying down in bed after a long day to find that you simply can’t sleep. You mentally run through your day, trying to find a cause. Did you drink coffee too late in the day? Were you on your cellphone in the hour … Read more

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Women Plagued With Hidden Sleep Problems

A lack of sleep causes many health problems. It can destroy efficiency at work, cause stress and anxiety, and influence your overall mood. However, did you know that there are certain sleep problems that impact women specifically? As your expert sleep doctor, Dr. Shukla wants to make sure that you … Read more

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