Is Snoring Genetic?

Have you been suffering through terrible nights of sleep due to an increase of your snoring volume or intensity? You may have already tried sleep therapy and a slew of products promising to downsize your nightly snores, but if they continue to plague your sleeping habits, there may be another cause. Your snoring may be the result of a genetic origin rather than a symptom of outside factors. Discover more about how snoring disorders can be a genetic affliction, and what other steps you can take to strive towards a more peaceful night’s sleep with the informative help from the experts at Sleep MD. Find out all your options for snoring treatment in Manhattan when you call Sleep MD today!

Are There Genetic Links to Snoring Disorders?

After you have exhausted your traditional options to treating constant and debilitating snoring, it may be time to consider that generic products are not going to be much help moving forward. Before attending a snoring treatment in Manhattan, there may be some research you can do to see if there are underlying factors that are increasing your symptoms. The first area of research you can do is to look through your family genealogy to see if other members have suffered the same snoring disorder that you are dealing with. There is scientific evidence that proves a connection between snoring disorders in family members to a trait inherited by younger generations.

To begin conducting research into whether your genes are adding to your snoring disorder, start talking with members of your family. Ask them about their own struggles with sleep overall, then filter down to focus on snoring. If your father or mother has trouble with snoring, there may be a connection to why you also suffer from similar difficulties. For example, if your father is prone to snoring and his snoring increases when he sleeps alone, he may have stronger snoring tendencies that he attempts to suppress if he is not sleeping alone. If you often share a bed with someone else, you can also attempt to research your snoring tendencies by spending about a week sleeping alone, in a separate bed and room. During this time, record not only your night for snoring sounds, but also to track how deeply and efficiently you sleep. If you are experiencing increased snoring symptoms, it may be time to schedule a snoring treatment in Manhattan. Call Sleep MD today to get your first appointment scheduled!

Other Genetic Causes of Snoring

There may be other genetic causes that are also attributing to your snoring disorder that aren’t directly linked to your parents’ snoring habits but may be linked to your personal blend of genes. If you are more prone to being ill consistently, or if you are out of shape and eat poorly, you may be more at risk for developing and maintaining a snoring disorder. These symptoms can be more easily managed in order to decrease your snoring intensity and frequency in order to restore restful nights to your schedule. To research if your lifestyle habits are affecting your snoring disorder, try to change one area of your life slowly, one week at a time. Try to cut out unhealthy food for a week, and track how well your sleep improves or maintains throughout the week. Continue testing attributing factors until you have either exhausted all potential symptoms, or until you have found an answer. If you need extra help with your snoring disorder, contact the talented team at Sleep MD to schedule your first snoring treatment in Manhattan today!

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