Can Lack of Sleep Cause Headaches?

It is no secret that a good night’s sleep is vital to feeling good and doing all the things you want to do daily. Some days are rougher than others, and there may be times when we don’t get as much sleep as we would like to. You might start noticing specific symptoms that come from a lack of sleep, such as headaches and fatigue. So, can lack of sleep cause headaches?

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Headaches?

Like many other patients who visit their insomnia doctor in New York, you might be asking the question: Can lack of sleep cause headaches? If so, you are definitely not alone. Keep reading to learn more about the correlation between sleep and headaches so you can seek proper treatment ASAP.

Types of Headaches

There are typically two different headaches that your sleep doctor will associate with a lack of sleep. Depending on your symptoms and family history, you may have one of the two types of headaches:

Tension Headaches

Typically the more common type of headache, tension headaches are annoying and cause mild or moderate pain. These headaches usually stay felt across the top of the head or around the sides. Hearing loud sounds or seeing bright lights will not make this type of headache worse. They can occur due to a lack of sleep, so be sure to track each time you get a tension headache.

Migraine Headaches

Significantly worse than tension headaches, migraine headaches are severe and often make it difficult to get out of bed. Migraines can feel worse in bright lights, and hearing sounds tend to amplify the pain. This headache can also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, major pain on one side of the head, or pain that lasts for a very long time – even days.

Why Does Lack of Sleep Cause Headaches?

Several studies have been published over the last 10 years linking a lack of REM movement to increased pain in headaches. REM or rapid eye movement defines the depth of sleep that you should be achieving each night. REM sleep is believed to help improve memories, store information, learn new information more easily, and keep your emotional health stable.

Furthermore, researchers have discovered that a lack of REM sleep forces the body to create a certain type of protein that mimics or enhances chronic pain. The less a person is able to sleep, the lower their body’s tolerance will be for pain and fatigue. Over time, this can worsen into a sleep-related health condition.

Lack of Sleep Might Mean Insomnia

If you struggle to get restful sleep on a nightly basis, you might be dealing with insomnia. Insomnia makes it even more difficult for you to get your sleep habits back on track without external help. If you are tired of suffering from constant headaches, migraines, and other tension pains that keep you from living, it’s time to seek the best treatment ASAP.

Depending on your symptoms and your family history, your doctor may diagnose you with Psychosiologic Insomnia. This is a type of sleep deprivation that can occur as a result of stress, especially after some sort of traumatic event. If you are under an undue amount of pressure lately and you aren’t sure how to ease some of your burdens, it is probably affecting the way you sleep.

Get the Best Treatment for Insomnia Today

At Sleep MD NYC, we offer comprehensive insomnia treatment in New York for those who are dealing with headaches, irritability, chronic pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms as a result of a lack of sleep. If you are desperate to get your sleep habits back under control, get in touch with our friendly professionals today.

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