Why Do Scandinavians Sleep So Well?

Compared to other countries around the world, the countries of Scandinavia are getting much better sleep. They report having longer periods of restfulness than others, leading to better overall happiness and even an increased life expectancy. But why do Scandinavians sleep so well, exactly?

Why Do Scandinavians Sleep So Well?

Today, your local sleep doctor in NYC will highlight some of the factors contributing to the excellent sleep schedules of those in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Then, he will suggest some ideas to help you get a better night’s sleep no matter where you live. Be sure to visit Sleep MD NYC whenever you have trouble feeling truly rested.

The Lifestyle Index

A couple of years ago, the Lifestyle Index was published on SleepJunkie to compare the work-life balance of folks in different countries across the globe. A lot of factors went into this comparison, including the number of hours worked, length of commute, annual paid leave days, sleep difficulty, happiness, and life expectancy. All three Scandinavian countries placed in the top 10 on the Lifestyle Index. This can be compared to the United States, which ranked at #87. There’s a lot to be learned from the people of northern Europe!

The Double Duvet Secret

There is only one really big difference between the way Scandinavians physically sleep versus how people sleep in other parts of the world. They use two twin duvets instead of one double duvet or comforter as you might be used to. This is a good idea for two people who share the same bed, as each duvet can be controlled individually to the liking of the person. This leads to more uninterrupted sleep; in fact, couples who have separate covers get 30% more sleep than couples who share the same blankets.

This isn’t the only thing that can help you get more sleep, but it is a common lifestyle element that could start to change the way you interact with your ability to sleep. Even if you’re not Scandinavian, there are still plenty of things you can do to improve your own sleep schedule at home.

Getting Better Sleep ASAP

A good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health. Whether or not you are interested in investing in the double duvet cover idea, there are some other things you can do to improve the quality and length of your sleep every single night.

Clean Up Your Space

When you have a lot of clutter around your bed, it can be difficult for your body to have peace of mind. Stepping over items and piles of dirty clothes to get to your covers does not bode well for your body’s inner health and harmony. Cleaning up your space can give you the breath of fresh air you need to sleep more soundly.

Make Sure It’s Dark

Sleeping with a lot of lights on can not only obstruct your sleep cycle, but it can even make your vision worse when you wake up. A dark and cool space is the perfect place for your body to feel relaxed and ready for rest.

Turn Off Your Screens

Most doctors recommend that you shut off your screens at least 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep. This can help you create a dark space while making sure your brain has plenty of time to feel restful. Lights from phone screens can actually keep the mind active, making it harder and harder to go to sleep.

Find Your Perfect Sleep Schedule ASAP

Are you having trouble getting to sleep on a consistent basis? It is important for you to get your schedule back on track for the betterment of your entire health. Invest in the best insomnia treatment in New York City with Sleep MD NYC today. Call us to schedule a personal consultation and get your sleep health in good shape!

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