What are the Different Types of Insomnia

Most people will spend a few nights a year having truly troubled sleep, but there are many who live with a sleeping disorder known as insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping diagnosis that renders the patient unable to sleep as easily as others. This condition is a common one in our population, but what people may not know is that insomnia presents in multiple forms. It all gets labeled under the umbrella of insomnia, but there are several types of this sleep disorder that vary from person to person. Discover all of the different types of insomnia with this helpful guide from Sleep MD and find the best insomnia doctor in New York to help treat your specific variation of insomnia now.

Acute Insomnia

This variation of insomnia is defined as a disorder that lasts for a short period of time. Patients with acute insomnia are triggered by times of intense stress, depression, or travel. These periods of acute insomnia can last for weeks if the situation that is causing the disorder to present does not get taken care of. If you are experiencing acute insomnia due to a stressful situation, try to deflate the situation either by facing the task head-on, or by adopting lifestyle changes that will allow you to relax and let go of some sleep depriving stress. If this period of acute insomnia derives from traveling, the symptoms will begin to wear off as your schedule becomes more structured once again. Patients with acute insomnia usually do not seek medical attention for treatment until the problem persists for a month, or until the insomnia has begun severely impacting their lives.

Chronic Insomnia

Patients whose acute insomnia has not been cured, or patients who have had ongoing symptoms of insomnia throughout their lives are most likely experiencing chronic insomnia. This form of insomnia presents as a pattern of sleeping problems where patients are unable to sleep for days in a row, and periods of heightened symptoms may last for months. This prolonged lack of sleep can cause serious symptoms in your everyday life and can result in your body never fully recovering from injuries. For patients with chronic insomnia, treatment is available through a specialized doctor and the identification of what factors have led to the diagnosis. If you are looking for a talented new insomnia doctor in New York to help diagnose and treat your symptoms, contact the team at Sleep MD to schedule your first appointment now.

Maintenance Insomnia

Maintenance insomnia is a condition where the insomnia is not as constant and severe as a chronic diagnosis, but the patient is unable to maintain sleep throughout the night. This specific insomnia disorder leads to increased exhaustion in the same what that chronic insomnia does, as the affected patient is unable to reach a R.E.M. state of sleep, and their body cannot perform essential recovery processes as a result. During R.E.M. sleep, our bodies can shut down, heal and rejuvenate our symptoms, and when this process is disrupted, our bodies cannot operate at their optimal performance. This form of insomnia also affects the way patients can fall back asleep after waking in the middle of the night. If this variation of insomnia persists, patients may only attain a few hours of sleep per night, and never enter their R.E.M. sleep state.

If you are experiencing symptoms of prolonged chronic insomnia, get treatment from one of the top insomnia doctors in New York when you contact the professionals at Sleep MD and schedule your initial sleep consultation with Dr. Shukla today.

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