What Are the Different Types of Insomnia?

If you can’t sleep at night, you know how exhausting it is to be constantly tired. You can’t get any sleep. Therefore you don’t have enough energy throughout your day to accomplish everything you truly want to get done. Obtaining a diagnosis is critical to your long-term (and short-term) health. Did you know that different types of insomnia can determine the kind of care you need?

At Sleep MD, we offer many solutions to cure troubled sleep. The first step in finding the right solution is to figure out what kind of insomnia our patients might be dealing with. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the different types of insomnia as well as what proper treatments are available.

Types of Insomnia

Chronic Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping at least three days per week, almost every week, or more, you are dealing with chronic insomnia. This type of insomnia can sometimes be hard to diagnose because it may be a primary cause or a secondary symptom of a different condition.

If chronic insomnia is secondary, which is the most common case with chronic insomnia patients, it will be met with the following symptoms:

  • Drowsiness
  • Exhaustion
  • Irritation
  • Poor mental health

It is important for the doctor to use this time to determine the overlaying cause of your chronic insomnia. It could be due to a medical condition such as diabetes, sleep apnea, or hyperthyroidism. You can also have chronic insomnia due to depression, ADHD, or even too much caffeine and alcohol in your body.

Acute Insomnia

Acute insomnia occurs after a major life event or a stressful situation. This type of insomnia is defined by brief periods of insomnia-like symptoms, such as being unable to fall asleep easily. If you are dealing with acute insomnia, you will most likely recover without the need for any treatment. After the stressful event has passed, you may find yourself having an easier time getting to sleep. You usually do not need medical intervention for acute insomnia; instead, you can work on coping mechanisms to help you deal with stressful situations in a more productive way.

Onset Insomnia

Most other types of insomnia are classified as the inability to stay asleep, as patients often wake up repeatedly. In this case, onset insomnia describes the difficulty of getting to sleep in the first place. Onset insomnia may be a short-term experience due to stress, or it may be chronic. If you have trouble falling asleep more than three times a week, you may need to be treated for chronic conditions.

Onset insomnia can sometimes be linked to other conditions as well. A 2009 study showed that people with onset insomnia usually also have another sleep disorder. Keep in mind that what you put into your body at night can also affect your ability to fall asleep. Stop drinking coffee and other stimulating drinks before bed to give your body a better chance to relax.

Maintenance Insomnia

If you wake up too early in the morning and can’t get back to sleep or wake up several times throughout the night, you may be struggling with maintenance insomnia. This is the type of insomnia that prevents you from getting a full sleep cycle, causing significant interruptions in your physical, mental, and social energy every day.

Usually, maintenance insomnia occurs due to another health condition such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, asthma, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Treatment can vary depending on the severity of the symptoms. Over-the-counter sleeping pills may do the trick; otherwise, you can schedule an appointment with your trusted sleep experts at Sleep MD NYC to determine your treatment needs.

Start Sleeping Better Tonight!

Every type of sleep insomnia can disrupt your life, from being constantly tired and cranky to getting deprived of the rest you truly need. At Sleep MD NYC, we understand the power of a good night’s sleep. This is the power we want to help you restore. If you are dealing with insomnia symptoms, contact us online or call us at (917) 765-7469 to schedule a consultation ASAP.

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