The Effect of Sleep Disorders on Day to Day Life

Sleep disorders come in many different shapes, forms, and symptoms. But the signs that your day is being interrupted from lack of sleep are unmistakable. If you are dealing with insomnia, sleep apnea, asthma, or other sleep-disruptive conditions, you might feel it taking a toll on your life. As each day passes, the small daily tasks become increasingly difficult to finish.

But don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Our Sleep MD NYC professionals carry all the solutions to sleep disorder treatment New York. Whether you haven’t yet been diagnosed or you are recently diagnosed and wondering which next steps to take, you can contact us at any time to discuss your viable options. By understanding the effect of sleep disorders on day to day life, you can prepare yourself to tackle these hurdles head-on and improve your way of life.

Mundane Tasks Become Increasingly Difficult

It’s no secret that driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be an extremely dangerous activity, which is why it is against the law to drive in those conditions. But did you know that sleep deprivation can be just as powerful as alcohol or drugs? When you drive without sleep, your body can make the same mistakes and misperceptions as you do when you are drunk. Without sleep, you are putting yourself through dangerous driving conditions. The brain does not function as it should without the proper energy it needs.

Other tasks, such as performing work, accessing a computer, and even communicating with your family and friends can pose a challenge once you are sleep deprived. There’s a reason why popular television shows and cartoons will create a situation where a sleep-deprived character begins to act abnormal – without being able to utilize the brain’s full functionality, you can lose sense of yourself and the daily chores that you have come to rely on as part of your normal routine.

Your Health Can Suffer

Without seeking proper sleep disorder treatment, you can suffer some serious damages to your health. Without your brain being restored to its full functions, it lacks the energy and resources needed to help you quickly recover from an illness or injury. If you are trying to catch up on sleep before a big game or a big exam, you might be out of luck if you suffer from a sleep disorder.

Without sufficient sleep, your brain will not be able to function fully throughout the day. Plus, lack of sleep can damage your metabolism and appetite. When you are sleep deprived, there is an increase in the chemical that causes feelings of hunger, making you feel the need to eat more. And, often, in this state you may not make the healthiest food choices. Overall, it’s evident that sleep disorders can have drastic effects on your health and well-being.

It Can Become Difficult to Recognize the Signs of an Advancing Sleep Disorder

If you are struggling to get through your day, and it is becoming more and more difficult to stay focused and feel happy, you should seek immediate attention for your sleep disorder. It’s important to remember the signs and symptoms of a sleep disorder to best assess your needs.

Please see a sleep disorder specialist if you:

  • Are increasingly irritable and tired during the day
  • Cannot sleep through the night
  • Are becoming emotional and more emotionally unstable
  • Need coffee several times a day to keep going
  • Fall asleep or have trouble staying awake while driving
  • Cannot react quickly to any situation
  • Cannot focus or concentrate on work

Sleep disorders should not be taken lightly. When you can, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shukla to get your life back into your own hands.

Sleep Disorder Treatment in New York

From insomnia to bad snoring, sleep disorders show themselves in many ways. You and your loved ones do not have to continue suffering from this damaging plight. The effects of sleep disorders on your daily life are very dangerous and intrusive and can keep you from performing even the simplest of tasks. To find relief for your symptoms and give your brain the much-needed break it deserves, get in touch with our Sleep MD NYC staff today. For the best sleep disorder treatment in New York you can contact us online or give us a call at (212) 661-7077 to schedule a consultation.

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