concept of how stress impacts sleep paralysis

How Stress Impacts Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a limiting and sometimes scary experience that people can have right as they are falling asleep – or right before waking up. It might feel like you are awake but you are being held down, and you are unable to move no matter how hard you try … Read more

Trucker with sleep issues in his truck

Common Sleep Issues for Truckers

Although it might seem like a great job, driving on the open roads for hours can be physically exhausting. Truck drivers must drive late into the night, and they rarely stop for 8 hours of sleep. Driving with less than normal sleep can cause a lot of physical problems. Your … Read more

Man lying in bed with hormones that interfere with sleep.

Can Hormones Interfere with Sleep?

Getting enough quality sleep can be difficult. Between everyday stressors, increased screen time, and the demands of professional and family life many people struggle to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Do you regularly get less than eight hours of sleep or experience frequent insomnia? You’re probably all too … Read more

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