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Coping with Sleep Paralysis in Children

Sleep paralysis is a very unpleasant set of experiences that has the potential to affect people of all ages. Although most people associate this set of issues with teenagers and adults, it’s also quite possible for children to be affected. When this happens, it’s good to have trusted adults who … Read more

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Why Sleep Paralysis Makes You See Ghosts

Sleep paralysis is a very unpleasant sensation that occurs when an individual becomes aware of themselves during the sleeping state. Despite this awareness, someone with sleep paralysis is unable to move their body. Below, we look at why sleep paralysis makes you see ghosts. This condition is incredibly common and … Read more

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Sleep Paralysis in Kids and Teens

If you have ever been in a state of being half-asleep, and conscious, but unable to move, then you have likely experienced this terrifying trait: sleep paralysis. While it can happen in adults who are going through undue stress, it is even more common in children and teenagers. This is … Read more

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How Stress Impacts Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a limiting and sometimes scary experience that people can have right as they are falling asleep – or right before waking up. It might feel like you are awake but you are being held down, and you are unable to move no matter how hard you try … Read more

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Myths About Sleep Paralysis

One of the worst feelings is being awake in bed but unable to move your body or even make a sound. This could happen when you fall asleep or wake up. It might feel like someone is pressing down on you or pressure on your chest. This condition is called … Read more

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Sleep Paralysis vs. False Awakening

Have you ever woken up in your dream? Do you feel awake but unable to move, completely stuck to your bed? Sleep paralysis and false awakenings are both common sleeping problems that you may experience from time to time. This is one of the scariest things that can happen while … Read more

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History of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is something nobody ever wants to experience, despite the fact that the issue is pretty harmless. It is essentially a temporary loss of muscle function while you are sleeping. It often occurs just as you are falling asleep, shortly after you have fallen asleep, or just as you … Read more

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Can Stress Cause Sleep Paralysis?

Have you ever felt the sensation of being awake, but you are unable to move? This might happen right as you are falling asleep or waking up. You might also feel pressure on your chest or like someone is pinning you down. This is known as sleep paralysis, and it … Read more

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What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis, a daunting sleep disorder, has always been prevalent. Have you heard of the term Parasomnia? Parasomnia means all abnormal or unusual things that can happen to a person when they sleep. With that said, not everyone recognizes sleep paralysis as a Parasomnia in their life. For those who … Read more

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