concept of when to see a sleep disorder specialist

When To See A Sleep Disorder Specialist

Everyone struggles with the occasional sleepless night. Unfortunately, far too many people allow their sleep disorders to go untreated because they assume that these regular sleep disturbances are normal. Our guide looks at when to see a sleep disorder specialist. When To See A Sleep Disorder Specialist An untreated sleep … Read more

Man lying in bed with hormones that interfere with sleep.

Can Hormones Interfere with Sleep?

Getting enough quality sleep can be difficult. Between everyday stressors, increased screen time, and the demands of professional and family life many people struggle to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Do you regularly get less than eight hours of sleep or experience frequent insomnia? You’re probably all too … Read more

Flyer lying down and trying to adjust for jet lag.

How to Adjust for Jet Lag

Have you ever been on a flight that lasted several hours? When you travel between time zones at a rapid pace, your body needs a lot of time to adjust. The biggest effect that flying can have on your body is jet lag. This will make you feel tired, exhausted, … Read more

Man at a desk worrying about the dangers of narcolepsy

Dangers of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder. Individuals with narcolepsy are unable to properly regulate their circadian rhythm. This means that they may feel extremely tired during the middle of the day. In moderate to extreme cases, they may even fall asleep with little to no warning. As a result, those with … Read more

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You Know You are Sleep Deprived if You Experience These Things

Whether you are a parent, have a busy schedule, or just struggle with falling asleep in general, you are not alone. More than one-third of Americans are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Medical professionals recommend that adults between the ages of eighteen and sixty sleep at least … Read more

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The Hidden Costs of a Lack of Sleep

The boundaries between work and home continue to blur. One result is the lack of sleep. Writing meeting plans at midnight and checking emails at 7 am can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. Light from electronics close to bedtime can disturb the circadian rhythm. Then there’s the constant stimulation, … Read more

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What is the Best Position to Sleep in for You?

We all know somebody who sleeps in a different sleep position than we do. One person might prefer to be on their back, while others can’t fall asleep if they aren’t on their side. Combination sleepers shift through different positions in their sleep without even realizing it. So…what is the … Read more

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What are the Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep is a necessity to healthy living. It’s a time when your conscious control shuts down and allows your body to heal and perform self-maintenance. There are a great deal of things that a lack of sleep can affect mentally, but there is also a host of things it can … Read more

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