Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

Do you snore in your sleep? Do you feel restless and breathless during the day? Does your partner show concern for your health while you sleep at night?

These symptoms and more may be a sign that you are struggling with sleep apnea. At the office of Sleep MD, we specialize in a variety of sleep-related conditions that may be affecting your way of life.

It’s important to seek snoring treatment in Brooklyn for your sleep apnea as soon as possible. This is a life-threatening condition that can worsen over time and have a port impact on your health. Are you worried that you might have sleep apnea? Check out some of our signs and symptoms below to see if you may match up with a sleep apnea diagnosis.

Pausing While Sleeping

While this symptom may be more difficult for you to notice personally, if you sleep around others, they will notice it right away. Sleep apnea is most commonly characterized by big gaps, breaks, or irregularities in sleeping throughout the night. Sometimes these symptoms can be dangerous, as gaps in breathing are not healthy for the heart. If you have heard reports of your breathing getting hitched during sleep, be sure to seek out our professional help.


Let’s talk about the obvious symptom: snoring. This can sometimes be a complicated symptom to diagnose, as there may be many reasons for snoring. Sometimes it is a natural part of the sleeping process. And, to further complicate things, not everyone who has sleep apnea snores. However, it is still one of the most common and telling symptoms of sleep apnea, so it’s important to seek snoring treatment in Brooklyn right away. Those with loud or disruptive snores are the most likely to be suffering from sleep apnea.

Constant Tiredness

Are you living in a state of constant fatigue? Do you always feel tired when you wake up, and you can’t seem to shake the tiredness throughout the day? If so, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Our certified physicians recommend that you get a thorough physical exam to better monitor your sleep patterns. Snoring treatment in Brooklyn may be required. Excessive daytime sleepiness, also known as EDS, is a dangerous symptom that leaves you sleepy during the daytime.


Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension may be another sign that you are suffering with sleep apnea. When you are trying to sleep with sleep apnea symptoms, your brain is not receiving as much oxygen as it needs to fully function and keep your body resting. Your blood pressure may rise because of this. This is especially true when waking; your brain is overwhelmed and groggy by the lack of oxygen, and so the rest of your body starts to suffer for it.

Frequent Headaches

For a similar reason, you may also be prone to headaches when you have sleep apnea. The lack of oxygen can do damage to your vascular cells, making you more likely to suffer pressure and pain in the head. While constant headaches can be a symptom that overlaps with many other diagnoses, it can be a huge sign that you are suffering with sleep apnea if your headaches and tiredness just simply won’t go away.

Snoring Treatment in Brooklyn

At Sleep MD, we are passionate about getting you back into the pattern of a good night’s sleep. It’s important that all patients are educated about the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea for them to be provided with proper diagnosis and care.

Sleep apnea can be a scary condition to deal with, especially if you have not received proper treatment. Our specialists would love to help you get on the path to better sleep and health. For more information about sleep apnea, or to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us at any time, or give us a call at (212) 661-7077 for further assistance. We look forward to speaking with you!

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