Scariest Movies to Avoid Before You Go to Bed

Autumn has finally arrived, and with the changing of the leaves comes Halloween season! Whether you enjoy a calm night in, a trick-or-treating journey, or attending a Halloween party, it’s hard to avoid the plethora of Halloween themed movies that are constantly playing this time of year. However, you may get more than you bargained for if you watch one of the scarier movies right before bedtime! Seeing a horror movie before bed can lead to a paranoid night’s sleep, as your brain is on high alert from the anticipation of the fear you are prepared to feel. If you are looking for an experience insomnia doctor in New York who can help you experience a better night sleep, contact the talented team at Sleep MD today to set up your first consultation. Read through our whole list of the scariest movies to avoid before you go to bed now!

Paranormal Activity Series

After the success of the first Paranormal Activity movie, there were two sequels, a prequel, and a spin-off to round out the full saga. While these movies do not rely on graphic content to scare their audience, they do involve many casual occurrences such as random things moving and historical events to paint a more realistic picture of what modern horror looks like. These movies can be among some of the scariest to watch before bed because they involve elements that could potentially happen to you in real life. This could lead your brain to start interpreting everything that happens in the dark as a scary movement, and it will be extremely difficult to sleep after that; especially if you had a marathon viewing session! If you watch one of these movies close to bedtime, try to absorb something that isn’t scary like a book, magazine or fun television show to calm your mind down before bed. If you struggle with insomnia on a regular basis, it may be time to see a special insomnia doctor in New York to address your sleep struggles.

The Woman in Black

This play-turned-movie stars Harry Potter legend Daniel Radcliffe as a new widow who moves to a new house where a mysterious woman is legend to haunt the children in the town. Originally, the play was established as one of the original plays to utilize only two actors throughout the entire production to turn a profit when plays were declining in England. The Woman in Black has just enough scares throughout the movie to keep your brain on edge, but also does not rely on gruesome scenes to captivate its audience. Be careful when choosing to watch this movie before bed, you’ll be sure to stay awake thinking you’ve seen the woman in black!


Stephen King’s famous book has been adapted into film before, but this time, the production value has been upgraded significantly, and the sequel is set to be released next year. While the book offers an even more horrific look into the lives of the children and the demon who is targeting them, the movie will still leave you with an even more pronounced fear of clowns. What makes this film even more intense is that the fears are customized for each person that is targeted. Just because this cast is made up mostly of children, do not be mistaken for thinking this story will be tamer than others, and make sure you have a sure way to clear your mind before bed after watching. If you struggle with insomnia throughout the year and not just after an intense horror movie, contact Sleep MD today to schedule your first consultation with an insomnia doctor in New York and start experiencing a better sleep now!

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