Is it Normal for Kids to Snore?

Kids, like adults, can be susceptible to various sleep health issues as they continue to develop. If you notice your child struggling to breathe while sleeping, snoring loudly, or tossing and turning without getting much rest, it might be time to visit your child’s sleep doctor right away. You can get important questions answered such as, “Is it normal for kids to snore?”, and “Does my child have sleep apnea?”

Is it Normal for Kids to Snore?

Read our guide below to learn more about problems that can arise from snoring in kids, what other symptoms to look out for, and how to get treated for a number of sleep conditions at any age.

Snoring in Children

Unfortunately, snoring in kids is quite common. This can make it more difficult to diagnose issues with sleep apnea or other breathing disorders, since it may also be the case that your child is completely healthy. Since about 10% of children will snore throughout their childhood, it is a good idea to monitor your child’s sleeping habits for a few nights. Out of this 10% of children, up to 40% are diagnosed with pediatric sleep-disordered breathing, which could lead to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Is My Child’s Snoring Serious?

Everyone snores from time to time, so that symptom alone may not be enough to determine whether or not they are dealing with a sleep problem. Snoring every single night, or snoring so intensely that the child cannot sleep well throughout the night, is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Keep an eye out for your child expressing feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, or even memory loss.

Symptoms of Problematic Snoring

As we stated earlier, snoring alone isn’t always a good indicator that your child is dealing with a sleep disorder. Be on the lookout for other symptoms that are indicative of your child’s overnight struggles, including:

  • Behavioral issues during the day
  • Hard time focusing for lengths of time
  • Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night
  • Falling performance at school
  • Trouble learning new things
  • Hyperactivity or lethargy

These trends are a serious indication that it’s time to get some professional help. Reach out to your child’s sleep doctor if you continue to experience these symptoms in your young loved ones.

Snoring and Sleep Conditions

While not all types of snoring are indicative of a sleeping condition, it is possible that this could be a serious symptom of a long-standing problem. If your child proves a chronic snorer, or they consistently have problems getting good sleep, there may exist some symptoms easily linked to a sleep disorder.

Snoring along with gasping, snorting, constant waking up, teeth grinding, and bed wetting can be an indication that something is wrong. The best idea remains to consult your pediatric doctor and have a sleep-related treatment specialized to the specific needs of your young loved one.

Diagnosing Sleep Disorders

The first step in diagnosing a sleep disorder is to have your doctor schedule a specialized sleep test. This includes monitoring your child’s sleeping patterns and seeing how they respond to different medical treatments. In order to help your child get a good night’s sleep, the doctor will craft a plan that might include new medications and new lifestyle habits to turn bedtime into a relaxing affair.

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