How to Get Used to Sleeping at a New Home

Moving into a new home is such an exciting time! While packing and unpacking may be a drag, there’s nothing like a fresh start in a new space. Feeling comfortable in your new home may take some time, but you should feel fully settled within a month after unpacking and decorating. Humans are exceptionally skilled at adapting to new environments which is helpful as life can bring many changes. However, one thing that may be difficult in your new home is falling asleep. Whether you already have sleep issues, or they are just popping up in your new home, getting a good night’s rest is the most important thing to having a productive day. Below you will find some helpful tips to get yourself acclimated and get a good night’s sleep in your new home.


  1. Technology: Researchers have been saying this for years, but it’s important to unplug before bed. One hour before bed, put all of your technology away and turn off your screens. Read a book, have a chat with your partner, or meditate. Your new home will likely have sounds and creaks. Getting used to these sounds is a good thing as your mind will eventually tune them out.
  2. Relaxation: A great addition to your new place is a diffuser. They are relatively inexpensive and really nice to have around. Get some essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or a concoction of relaxing and sleep-inducing scents to help you fall asleep. Essential oils help with relaxation and make the room smell great.
  3. Herbal Supplements: If you aren’t taking any current sleep medication, try some herbal remedies like melatonin to help you get to sleep. You can use them for a short period to just get your sleep rhythm going in your new house. While these are most often harmless, you may want to check with your doctor before you try anything in case it would interact with any current medication you are on.
  4. Weighted Blanket: While weighted blankets have been marketed more toward those who experience anxiety, these are great for anyone struggling to fall asleep. The technology purports to promote relaxation and has been reported to be effective for some when it comes to their sleep health. They are also relatively inexpensive and may be a great addition to your bed in your new home.
  5. Meditation or Relaxation App: There are some great apps out there that help with sleep through meditation or relaxing sounds. While many people are resistant to meditation, some of the apps are just as easy as pressing play. You don’t need to sit with your legs crossed and palms up. You can truly be guided to sleep through the app. It’s worth a shot if you are struggling. Just remember to set a timer for the sounds to turn off after a certain period of time so it doesn’t wake you up!
  6. Showers and Stretching: Sometimes your body is tense from the stress of the day. If you take showers at night, try a hot shower thirty minutes before bed. Rub lavender lotion on your body with the diffuser going and turn on some relaxing music. For five to ten minutes before bed, stretch your body out after the hot shower. Your muscles will already be loose and getting your body ready for bed by focusing on relaxation can help soothe your mind and body.
  7. Routine: Just like children, having a bedtime routine can really help alert your body to relax and get ready to rest. Depending on how you like to get ready for bed, start your routine about an hour before you actually need to be in bed. It’s also helpful to get in bed about an hour before you would like to be asleep. This gives you ample time to get yourself into bed and asleep so you can get a full eight hours of rest.

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