How to Get the Perfect Nap

The United States is becoming increasingly more sleep-deprived. This is no surprise due to the plethora of coffee shops and energy drinks on the market. Sleep is vital to our mental health and overall well-being. Naps are a great tool to increase your energy and get your second wind during the day. However, not all naps are created equal. Below you will find tips for getting the perfect nap and the benefits that can come with it.

Types of Napping

There are various types of napping. Some are planned, some are out of habit, and others are necessary to get through the day. Below you will find the three different types of naps.

  • Emergency Napping: This happens when you are so tired you cannot continue to function.
  • Habitual Napping: If you take a nap at the same time each day, you are engaged in habitual napping. Older adults may need a boost in the afternoon, or children may take a quick snooze after school to recharge.
  • Planned Napping: This is when you take a nap before you actually get sleepy.

You can use this to ward off tiredness you know will likely occur. For example, if you have to work a night shift or if you know you’ll be getting tired due to little sleep the night before.

Tips for a Perfect Nap

  • Duration: Short naps are the best as you should only be spending 20-30 minutes napping. This helps with short-term alertness and can boost your energy for the last half of the day. The short duration also ensures that you aren’t too groggy!
  • Environment: Find a restful space to lie down that is cool and dark (if possible). Limit the noise by using earplugs and use an eye mask to keep light out during the day. While resting your mind and body through a nap can help, resting without sleep can also bring you some energy.
  • Sounds: A quiet space is helpful, but you can also add mindfulness meditation to get your body relaxed. There are short options like five or ten-minute programs that can put you to sleep without disturbing your slumber.
  • Timing: Not too early and not too late is a rule of thumb. You don’t want too early before you get tired, but you also don’t want to nap too late as it can disrupt your bedtime. Usually, a nap is best halfway through your day, depending on when you wake up and go to bed.

Benefits of The Perfect Nap

Napping can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce the risk of accidents. Research has shown that the perfect nap can increase alertness right after the nap and for a few hours following the nap. It also has psychological benefits as it can provide you with mental clarity and feeling rejuvenated. With emergency napping, it can help reduce the risk of accidents. For those driving or operating heavy machinery, a nap can be an important decision for the safety and well-being of yourself and others.

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