How Insomnia Affects the Workplace

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being. You may not realize how badly your lack of sleep is affecting the activities you do during the day. If you are having trouble going to bed at night, you won’t be very productive at work. This can affect your job, your welfare, and your entire life. Let’s look at the details of how insomnia affects the workplace.

How Insomnia Affects the Workplace

Your local sleep doctor in New York City can show you how insomnia affects the workplace in more ways than one. Keep track of your sleep schedule and get in touch with your specialist to improve productivity in work and enjoy a better quality of life.

Loss of Productivity

The most noticeable impact of insomnia on the workplace is the loss of productivity due to tiredness. If you are constantly yawning at work and you just can’t seem to function at 100%, you may be dealing with the effects of insomnia. Recent studies have shown that a poor sleep schedule can make an employee miss 1.6 more days of work than the average worker and have up to two times more productivity loss.

It is not normal to always feel tired throughout the day. Insomnia is a prevalent issue that will only continue to interrupt your daily life unless you seek helpful treatment.

Economic Suffering

Did you know that tired employees can cost employers up to $3,000 a year? Loss of productivity means loss of money, putting those hard-earned dollars down the drain. Over the course of a year, tired employees can cost the industry $90 billion in reduced productivity and avoidable errors. Most of the time, when questioned about their mistakes, employees will blame a lack of sleep.

Poor Sleep, Poor Health

A bad night’s sleep can do more than just make you feel tired the next day. In fact, it can present a lifetime of failing health symptoms. The economic impact that insomnia has on the workplace is bad, but it is nothing compared to the ill effects a lack of sleep can have on your health. Over time, you can lose your ability to focus, retain memories, and make sharp decisions. You can prevent devastation by investing in your sleep health ASAP.

Knowing the Symptoms of Insomnia

A lot of adults suffer from various sleep disorders without even knowing it. Since insomnia is the most common sleep disorder on record, it is important that more people understand the oncoming symptoms so they can seek treatment in a timely manner.

The longer you go without treatment, the more severe your symptoms can get. Look out for the warning signs of insomnia, which include:

  • Waking up too early or too late
  • Trouble falling asleep at night
  • Not feeling rested after a night’s sleep
  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Trouble focusing or paying attention
  • Difficulty retaining memories
  • Increased accidents, errors, and mistakes

Insomnia can make you increasingly irritable and unwell, making you lose productivity at work and in other areas of your life. The longer you suffer from this invisible ailment, the more prone your body will become to other illnesses.

Get the Right Insomnia Treatment Today

Getting treatment for insomnia has never been easier. At Sleep MD NYC, you can get personalized one-on-one care starting immediately. It is important to assess the state of your sleep health as it can affect the body in so many other ways. Reduced productivity at work and increased frustration in life are just some of the symptoms you will increasingly suffer. Get to the root of the cause and invest in better sleep with our innovative insomnia treatment in New York today!

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