How to Fall Asleep Fast & Stay Asleep

You may be lying in bed right now, looking up ways to find some solace in the form of a nice sleep or you may be at work reading this, daydreaming about your relaxing night of sleep. The right amount of sleep is crucial to a more productive and healthier life. It is important that the right amount of sleep is obtained every night to lead a better life. Adults need around 7-9 hours of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Are you getting your recommended amount of sleep per night?

If sleep deprivation occurs, the risks will arise. People who do not get enough sleep often have difficulty concentrating throughout the day. The body will suffer from sleep deprivation and the immune system will weaken over time. Above all, lack of sleep can lead to serious health risks. Health risks like heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes can occur over time if sleep deprivation persists. To get the best sleep yet, try these helpful tips and finally learn how to fall asleep fast.

Evaluate Your Sleep

Have you been told that you snore or have interrupted breathing throughout the night? It is possible that your poor sleep habits are more than just a passing problem and might just be a sleep disorder. If you consistently feel tired, it may be wise to evaluate your sleep with a professional sleep doctor. Once you meet with a sleep doctor, your sleep habits will be evaluated through a consultation and sleep study. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, it may be recommended to use a sleep aid at night. The top sleep aids include; a dental sleep device, CPAP breathing machines, the Provent nasal device, the Winx breathing machine and the Inspire breathing device. Sleep aids are meant to help sleep disorder patients drift off to sleep with ease and stay asleep throughout the night. Sleep disorders are a chronic condition that must be treated. Do not dismiss your constant sleeplessness nights, reach out to a professional sleep doctor today. If you’re asking yourself how to fall asleep fast, this may just be the solution to your problem.

Personalize Your Bedroom

What’s your ideal sleep setting? Is your room the best environment to fall asleep in? If not, consider making a change! Your bedroom should be a soothing sanctuary where you can sleep without interruption. Personalize your bedroom to make it easier to fall to sleep. Make sure your room is dark. Appeal to your senses with your favorite scents to help you drift off into sleep. Relaxing scents and essential oils may just be the key to a better sleep. Your bed is the central element of your room and your sleep. Imagine what your ideal bed would consist of. Tailor your bed, sheets and pillows to your liking. With your bed in place, going sleep will become a much easier task.

Have a Sleep Ritual

It would be helpful to create and maintain a sleep ritual. With a relaxing nighttime ritual, your body will be constantly conditioned for bedtime. A nice hot shower or bath should be added to your sleep ritual to further relax your body and mind. Reading a book or listening to music can also be a part of your nighttime ritual. Throw on your favorite comfortable pajamas to calm your spirit before bed. Clear your mind of any bothersome thoughts or worries of the day. Once your ritual is perfected, falling asleep will become that much easier.

Nix the Bad Habits

It is important to reprogram your bad habits throughout the day and before bed. During the day, you should avoid naps longer than 45 minutes. Long naps could prolong your bedtime into the deep hours of the night. One of the biggest sleep killers is caffeine. Make sure you avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. in the afternoon. One should also avoid stimulants like nicotine and alcohol before bed. Both of these stimulants can also disrupt your sleep patterns. Avoid sugary snacks that could also fuel your will to stay up longer. Electronics should be nixed from your bedtime ritual as well. No late-night electronics will ever help you fall asleep. All these bad habits should be avoided before bed to help you fall asleep faster.
If you need help with your sleep schedule and would like to learn how to fall asleep fast, contact New York’s top sleep doctor, Dr. Mayank Shukla. Get help and get a better night’s rest with Dr. Shukla.

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