Does Pollution Make You Snore?

We all know that pollution is bad for our lungs, bad for our skin, and even bad for our hearts. It’s a complicated issue that can’t be solved overnight. In the meantime, the vast majority of Americans are breathing polluted air daily. For those in urban areas, the concentration is even higher. Studies by the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control repeatedly show that the higher concentration of pollutants in urban areas can dramatically affect health, especially when it comes to children. But does pollution make you snore?

If you’ve noticed that your partner or child has started snoring regularly, then pollution may be to blame. Of course, there are other possible factors to consider. Respiratory illness, allergies, and certain sleep disorders can all contribute to snoring in adults and children. No matter the cause, you have to find a solution if the problem persists.

Why is Snoring a Problem?

If their snoring is waking you up at night, just think how much it must disturb their sleep. Regular snoring prevents people from getting the most restful sleep possible and contributes to sleep deprivation over time. When left untreated, gradual sleep deprivation could leave your loved one feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep.

They may also experience difficulty concentrating and changes in mood. Some children dealing with sleep deprivation may also exhibit hyperactivity. It may not seem logical, but the Sleep Foundation discovered that 50% of children diagnosed with ADHD also exhibit the signs of a sleep disorder. Regardless of how sleep deprivation affects your loved one, none of the symptoms are positive, as they all prevent learning and retention. As a result, you should always treat regular snoring as a medical condition that requires diagnosis and treatment.

Finding the Cause

If someone in your family has been regularly snoring for a prolonged period of time, you should reach out to a sleep doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Mayank Shukla at Sleep MD has been repeatedly voted the best sleep doctor Manhattan has. He can help you determine if  the cause is pollution that can make you snore. With his expertise in pulmonology and sleep, Dr. Shukla can use his expertise to help families just like yours every day.

Before scheduling an appointment, take a few minutes to write down a few facts. Having a rough estimate of when the snoring started and how frequently it occurs can help give your doctor a preliminary introduction to your case. Additionally, write down any other symptoms that may be relevant. Your doctor will still need to do a full examination. And some testing may be required. Still, the information provided may help them narrow down possible causes, reducing the time between your initial visit and a positive diagnosis.

Investigating the Cause

Initially, your doctor will be looking at several things that could be contributing to regular snoring, but pollution could always be a factor. A study out of Harvard University found that instances of “sleep-disordered breathing,” an umbrella term for snoring, coughing, and other breathing-related sleep disturbances, increased 13% where pollution levels were higher. For people living in regions with higher pollution levels, this means that they are significantly more likely to suffer from regular sleep problems and the sleep deprivation that accompanies them.

If you live near a busy road, a highway, or even the train tracks, let your sleep doctor know. Even if you have an identifiable sleep disorder, pollution could be aggravating it. Together you can discuss how to improve your treatment plan to fully address the numerous factors preventing you, your partner, or child from getting a full night’s rest. Dr. Shukla provides the best snoring treatment Manhattan has available. So, does pollution make you snore? It certainly can be a contributing factor.

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