Common Sinus and Nasal Problems

If you have come down with a common cold or mild sickness, you know generally how annoying sinus and nasal illness symptoms can be. For some people, common sinus and nasal problems are a constant condition they deal with due to allergies, a deviated septum, and environmental factors based on where they live. Nasal problems that are even minor can thoroughly affect how you feel on a day to day basis, and they can significantly affect the way you sleep by creating a coating in your throat that causes you to snore violently throughout the night.

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How Sinus and Nasal Problems Can Affect Sleep Quality

No matter what your sinus and nasal problems are, they can seriously affect the way that you sleep through the night, and how your sleeping could affect any partner’s sleep as well. When you experience nasal problems, your throat is not as clear as it usually is, and this coating leads to an increase in the vibrations you create while breathing at night. Congestion leads to your body trying to breathe through your mouth instead of your nose, and as a result, the extra mucus build-up creates a snoring effect that increases in volume as well as strength. Don’t let your sinus and nasal problems affect the quality of your sleep, contact Sleep MD today to receive the most personalized snoring treatment New York has to offer and get back to a better night’s sleep fast.

Nasal problems can extend beyond just having a cold or allergies. If you have been diagnosed with a deviated septum, this can severely impact how often you snore, and how heavily. Patients who present with a deviated septum can consider a few options for improved symptoms. One of the most popular solutions to a deviated septum problem is to get a nose surgery that fixes the deviation and allows for a more open airway for easier breathing. This in turn decreases the intensity of snoring in patients with deviated septums, as it makes the process of breathing at night an altogether smoother process, which lowers the amount of snoring as well as the volume at which snoring does happen. While this surgery does not guarantee that patients will not ever snore again, it does significantly help those who have trouble sleeping from their snoring tendencies, and it also increases their overall health as breathing becomes easier.

Snoring Treatment New York

If you have not been diagnosed with a deviated septum, chances are you are experiencing allergy or cold symptoms that are affecting your breathing process. To treat nasal and sinus symptoms in order to achieve a better night’s sleep, there are a variety of methods and drugstore medicines that can help you breathe easier. One of the most popular treatment methods is through the use of a spray that is injected into each nostril in order to clear any mucus that is impeding your passageway. Another option is the use of a nighttime specific medication that specializes in helping you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep without coughing or snoring in the middle of the night. If you’re looking for snoring treatment in New York, call Sleep MD today to schedule your first initial consultation with Dr. Shukla and start your journey to achieve a better sleep now!

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